Ticket for one journey

Thinking about the convenience of passengers, in Aizkraukle in cooperation with JSC "Liepajas autobusu parks" bus service from and to Aizkraukle station is provided. The bus arrives at the station on average 10-15 minutes before the departure of the train, so that passengers have time to buy tickets, while the bus leaves within 5-10 minutes after the arrival of the train.

Where can you purchase the ticket?

  • The ticket can be purchased at our ticket offices and on the train from the conductor-controller.
  • When buying a ticket on the train, if the ticket office is working at the boarding station, an extra fee of EUR 1.00 must be paid to the basic price of the ticket.

When the ticket is valid?

  • The ticket is valid for one journey on the date and time indicated on the ticket. The ticket can be purchased in advance ten days before the planned journey.

On which route the ticket is valid?

  • The ticket is valid on the route between two stations or in the zones indicated on the ticket, as well as for a journey on JSC "Liepajas autobusu parks" bus in Aizkraukle.